Our Focus

As a brand, we see great value in adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) in all our operations and cultural ecosystem. All our decisions are influenced by assessing our impact on society and the environment which is why we use sustainable materials and manufacture exclusively in Africa:

Committed to…

  • Supporting and empowering women to be treated fairly and equitably.
  • Supporting and promoting women owned enterprises.
  • Ensuring all workers have  fair working conditions.

Committed to

  • Supporting producers in Africa with strategic and operational expertise to grow capacity and achieve economic growth.
  • Supporting the informal sector technically and financially to improve their financial security  and create jobs for the local community.


Committed to

  • Offering accurate and objective information to the customer to encourage and promote considered purchase choices.
  • Encouraging and promoting a circular economy to minimize product ending up in land fill.
  • Adopting new production technology to minimise waste.

Committed to

  • Not using fabrics and components derived from fossil fuels and materials harvested from unsustainable sources. 
  • Not using hazardous and toxic chemicals and processes throughout the supply chain.
  • Off-setting our CO2 foot print (freight, courier and travel) through our re-forestation initiative.