With Africa’s textile supply chain  in an evolutionary phase, we  source our sustainable fabrics and components from Europe where traceability and chain of custody practices are established and transparent and acknowledge  that this model inevitably  contributes  to CO2 emissions.    

We are continually exploring locally manufactured fabrics and components  with the aim of reducing our emissions in the future. In the meantime, we have partnered with Mt.Kenya Trust, a charitable organisation that shares our common values of  supporting the community and protecting the environment.  Our partnership focuses on tree planting in Imenti forest which has seen significant deforestation over the last few decades.

Mt. Kenya  Trust

Mt. Kenya is a richly biodiverse area covering approximately 182000 hectares. The mountain supports a vibrant community,  is the main water source for the  expansive region and  home to extensive wildlife. The Trust’s  success centres on partnering with the local community and key government agencies to preserve a balanced ecosystem by easing human - wildlife conflict, illegal logging and poaching . Read more about The Mt.Kenya Trust here.