At In Our Name, we hold the belief that no matter where you are geographically or in your journey through life, community represents a global assembly of individuals - customers, artisans, producers, creatives, and more - united by a shared set of values that transcend cultural boundaries.

The African adage "A person is a person because of other people" or "I am because you are" beautifully encapsulates the significance of community. In Our Name aspires to embody this spirit of community, actively collaborating to generate positive impacts across social, economic, and environmental spheres by motivating actions that empower individuals and by advocating for sustainable practices.

We want to cultivate a sense of belonging for everyone by encouraging actions that contribute to a world that is both inclusive and fair.


We believe in empowerment. The empowerment of our artisans and small producers to access a sustainable income. We empower buyers to make informed choices with provenance, transparency, and trust at every stage of their buying journey.

We channel the creativity of our collective communities by weaving Africa's story into a socially conscious brand. To achieve this, we're involved in various initiatives to economically uplift our artisans and makers. We reinvest 100% of net profits from artisan products right back into their businesses. We also offer pro-bono supply chain strategy support to our manufacturers and recently launched a period poverty initiative that uses our fabric cuttings to help disadvantaged women and young girls who can't afford pads.

Cultivating kindness.

We try to offer a platform for collaborative action, resource sharing, advocacy, and empowerment that can lead to meaningful and lasting improvements in the lives of individuals and the overall well-being of society. This is important because;

Strength in unity: We encourage all our stakeholders in our community to share resources, knowledge, and skills for a greater impact. When people come together with a shared goal of helping those in need, they can accomplish more than individuals working alone.

Building a responsible collective: By building a sense of community, we are nurturing a supportive environment, particularly for the communities we come across when working with artisans in extremely deprived area.

Local solutions for local challenges: By embracing local perspectives in our journey and collaborating closely with artisans, we are continually tailoring solutions that address their unique challenges that also create opportunities that will drive sustainable transformations.

Empowerment and lasting effect: As our brand expands its reach globally, we can offer more artisan products to a broader audience, directly translating into increased economic impact and improved livelihoods for our artisans.

The Reality of Long-Term Impact: Achieving meaningful and lasting change necessitates sustained dedication. Since embarking on this journey in 2021, we've made significant progress but there is no denying that we have a long long way to go. With our growing community of artisans and producers, who share our values, we are confident that we will continue to make steady progress. The saying 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' is so very relatable to us.

Our Amazing Customers: Our vibrant African-made collection, as unique as the community behind it, would be incomplete without our remarkable customers, who come from all 5 continents!. We thank you for embracing our products and supporting our shared vision, you have shown that we are truly a global assembly of individuals united by a shared set of values that transcend cultural boundaries, we are a community! 

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