We intentionally use durable materials and construction methods to ensure your item lasts, as we believe that it is really important to maximise its lifespan. Here's how ….


This might sound counterintuitive, but it's worth mentioning to only wash your clothes when it's really necessary. Before reaching for the washing machine, consider spot cleaning or simply airing out your items. Not everything needs a full wash every time.


Spot treat the stain immediately, as the fabrics we use have high absorbency, and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it.


We love a laundry bag and strongly recommend using one, as it helps protect the garment from excessive abrasion, rubbing, and distortion in the washing machine. By using a bag, your clothes get some protection from the inevitable agitation in the washing drum.

TOP TIP: Always turn your clothes inside out, as this protects the surface of the garment and will keep your clothes looking smarter and fresher for longer. Fold it loosely and place it in the bag

The size is important too; too big a bag and your garment will unfold and distort; too small and you won't get a satisfactory wash.


Preferably, use a good-quality eco-detergent, as it is better for the environment. Things to look out for when choosing your detergent are: optical brighteners, chlorine, synthetic perfumes and colours, parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals, and sulphates.

Less is more with detergent, so only use what you really need, as any excess detergent left on your clothes affects how the handle feels to touch and can make it look dull.

We do not recommend softeners, as we test our fabrics in a laboratory and know that the hand feel recovers after a quick iron.


Always wash on a low temperature cycle (we recommend  a maximum of 30 °C 86  °F); not only is this better for your clothes, but you also use a lot less energy.

Avoid spinning your clothes, and if you have to, select the lowest rpm, as high spin cycles are aggressive and can leave permanent creases in the fabric. 

Do not tumble-dry, as this will ruin your clothes. We recommend hanging your clothes to dry (apart from knitwear and sweaters which need to be dried flat), as it makes ironing easier and uses no energy.

Hand washing cold is our preferred washing option; simply hand wash and hang to dry (no laundry bag is needed!).


Always iron inside out at a warm temperature, you can use moderate  steam to remove any creases. If you iron the outer surface of your clothes, the fabric flattens, and you can get a shiny effect that is irreversible.

TOP TIP: If you have to iron the surface of your clothes, use white cotton muslin or thin cotton (twice the size of the iron plate) and place it over your clothes as this is a really good way to protect your clothes.


We do not recommend dry-cleaning any of our products. Unfortunately, the hydrocarbon-based solvent used during dry cleaning can sometimes degrade the structure of the fibres of your fabric if used too frequently.


Before giving up on your clothes, consider repairing them. Even if you're not skilled at sewing, the internet is full of helpful guides and tutorials.


We fully support circularity and recommend recycling your unwanted clothes by donating to a charity or, if unwearable, a textile recycling centre.  We have made life simple for you, as all our fabrics are biodegradable, including our buttons. It is really important to us that our clothes never end up in a landfill.


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