We want your clothes to last a long time and still look good in years to come, here’s  how ….


Spot treat the stain immediately as the fabrics we use have a high absorbency and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it will be to get rid of it.


We  recommend using a laundry bag as it helps protects the garment from excessive  abrasion and distortion in the washing machine. 

The size is important too, too big a bag and your garment will unfold and distort, too small and you wont get a satisfactory wash.

Turn the item inside out , fold it loosely and place it in the bag.


Preferably use a good quality eco detergent as it is better for the environment. Things to look out for when choosing your detergent; optical brighteners, chlorine, synthetic perfumes and colours, parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals and sulphates.

Less is more with detergent, so only use what you really need as any excess detergent left on your clothes affects the handle and can make it look dull.

We do not recommend softeners as we test our fabrics in a laboratory and know that the handle recovers after a quick iron.


Always wash on a low temperature cycle (we recommend 30℃), not only is this better for your clothes but you also use less energy.

Do not tumble dry as this will ruin your clothes. We recommend hanging your clothes to dry (apart from knitwear) as it makes ironing easier and uses no energy.

Hand washing cold is our preferred cleaning option,  simply wash and hang to dry (no laundry bag needed !).


Always iron inside out  on a warm temperature and use a little steam to remove any creases.


We do not recommend dry-cleaning any of  our products.  


We fully support circularity and recommend recycling your unwanted clothes by donating to a charity, or if unwearable, a textile recycling centre. 

It is really important to us that our clothes never end up in a landfill.