Our Story


…. is inspired by the rich sociocultural meaning of our African names and the unique windows into the stories and meaning behind them.

…. honours a cultural tapestry that seamlessly  weaves  a way of life and the arts into a relevant and relatable context for the local and global community.

…. celebrates our similarities as one global collective sharing a common thread of values across all cultures.


…. came a desire to define a narrative that changes the perception of the African continent. 

After working for more than 25 years in the fashion industry in Europe, the Americas and Asia, our Founder, Liza Colbeck, made the decision in 2019 to focus on harnessing and developing the creativity and skills of small locally-owned manufacturers in Africa  into a sustainable economic and marketable partnership aimed at improving their production capabilities and access to the global market. 

Mentoring businesses, startups and many young enthusiastic enterpreneurs over the years, lead to the creation of our 100% Initiative. This enables us to equip talented artisans and business owners with production expertise, quality management, technology and finance.

Our products are made in Africa and all have an inherent integrity and responsibility to both the environment and the people that produce them. Our formal sector suppliers are ethically compliant and use sustainable and traceable fabrics, components and packaging, recycled and upcycled materials to minimize the impact on natural resources to help protect the earth. 


…. we celebrate Africa being part of our DNA, appreciating its cultural vibrancy and the rhythm of its rich heritage of storytelling and cultural symbolism. 

Inspired by a local aesthetic and our global experiences, our logo is a nod to the Adinkra symbols of West Africa and takes cues from the icons representing Versatility, Inclusivity and Curiosity. 


Our Stories

Our Impact

Our Impact

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