Our Journey


…. is inspired by the rich sociocultural meaning of our African names and the unique windows into the stories and meaning behind them.

…. honours a cultural tapestry that seamlessly  weaves  a way of life and the arts into a relevant and relatable context for the local and global community.

…. celebrates our similarities as one global collective sharing a common thread of values across all cultures.


…. came a desire to harnesses a story of Africa by weaving our beautiful society into a tapestry of global cultures.

Our founder, Liza Njoki Colbeck, was born in Nairobi, Kenya, to an English father and a Kenyan mother. Growing up in a vibrant mix of
cultures, Liza was surrounded by an immersive diversity of collectives that nurtured her appreciation for community, culture, storytelling, and nature.

Liza's childhood was spent in Nakuru, a picturesque town in Kenya's Rift Valley, surrounded by stunning landscapes, a beautiful lake with thousands of pink flamingos, and the rumbling Menengai volcanic crater. Her experiences shaped her deep appreciation for nature and community.

In her teens, Liza moved to England to study and later carved out a career in the fashion industry. This part of her journey has taken her to over 40 countries worldwide with each experience giving her invaluable insight into a wide range of cultures and commercial opportunities in different parts of the world.

During her travels sourcing, Liza recognised that high quality African produced merchandise was not easily accessible in the global market, specifically artisan products made by micro enterprises and
fashion manufactured by local factories that had the potential to scale. In response, she founded In Our Name in 2020 with the mission to empower local producers and artisans in Kenya. Through mentorship, empowerment, and upskilling programs, In Our Name aims to create sustainable economic and market opportunities for their community while facilitating access to the global market.

Having mentored numerous young entrepreneurs and start-ups over the years, Liza established the 100% Initiative which empowers talented artisans with production expertise, quality management, tooling, and finance.100% of net profits earned from our handcrafted artisan accessories are reinvested back into small enterprises in Kenya. Our goal is to facilitate their growth while also providing them with a route to market.

In Our Name prioritises ethical, social, and environmental compliance with all our suppliers, and aim to become Bcorp certified in the near future. Our products carry inherent provenance and responsibility towards the environment and the people involved in their creation.



Inspired by Adinkra symbols which hold cultural and social significance in society in West Africa. They are a visual representation of proverbs, historical events, and philosophical concepts which carry meanings and messages that can be easily understood across language barriers, making them a universal language of communication.

 In modern society, the symbols bridge the gap between the past and the present, enriching contemporary culture with a sense of heritage, wisdom, and symbolism that transcends borders and fosters a shared sense of humanity.

Our logo pays homage to the Adinkra symbols, which are deeply ingrained in the cultural heritage of the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Drawing inspiration from the icons that symbolise Versatility, Inclusivity, and Curiosity, the logo embodies and reflects the values we work to by incorporating them throughout everything we do at In Our Name. 



Batian Lenzing™ Ecovero™ Yellow Print Long Kimono


Our brand name draws inspiration from the sociocultural significance of African names and their meanings in society. They embody a rich tapestry of culture, interweaving a way of life and artistic expression. Through our names, we celebrate this beautiful union, making it relevant and relatable to both local communities and the global stage.

We are challenging stereotypes and misconceptions about Africa. There is a richness, beauty, and complexity in African culture, language, dance, and naming traditions, and the arts which are often ignored and glossed over. We aim to change that narrative toward a more authentic and respectful portrayal of the continent and its people.

We are doing our bit by celebrating our similarities with the global community and fostering a positive perspective through our ranges, colours, and storytelling.

We are all connected by both community and individuality, no matter where we are in the world.



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