Our Materials

Approximately 73% of a garments’ ecological footprint is produced during production with the remaining 28% produced in  transport, warehousing and washing. This is why we use sustainable fabrics and components in our all our products. 

We design for longevity, function and aesthetics and make informed choices in the materials and components we choose for our products.…..


  • We do not use virgin fiber or components derived from petroleum. Any synthetics used are either recycled or upcycled.
  • 90% of our fabric is made  by Lenzing Ecovero™, a certified and sustainable fabric made from renewable wood sources which uses 50% less water and energy than conventional viscose during production. The other 10% (generic viscose and cotton) is sourced from traceable supply chains in Bursa,Turkey.

  • 100% of our fabric is digitally printed,  of which 20% is printed using  a water free  process & minimal energy. 
  • All our plain fabrics are dyed using  a low liquor ratio as this  uses significantly less water and energy.
  • We only use Oekotex-100 compliant dyes as they are non-carcinogenic and better for the environment.
  • All our fabric mills comply to local laws on waste management including the discharge of effluence into waterways.


    • We  do not use shells, coral or any materials harvested from the sea. 

    • All our buttons are sourced from the tagua nut which fall naturally from  the Tagua palm tree in Ecuador. We occasionally use coloured buttons which  are dyed in small dye vats using eco dyes.

    • 100%  of all our sewing threads is recycled from plastic waste.

    • Our sewn in branded labels and hang tag ties are made from organic cotton which is  biodegradable and recyclable.

    • 80% of  our interlining is made  from recycled plastic.

    • Our swing tickets are FSC certified and printed using eco-friendly inks and  are recyclable.



    • We  use minimal packaging which is why we do not use tissue or silica sachets in any of our packaging.


    • We do not use packaging board and clips (metal or plastic).


    • 100% of our product bags are made from sugar cane  which is a renewable green resource and can also be recycled  with conventional plastic. The quality is good enough to be re-used to avoid it being a single use bag.


    • Our e-commerce mail bags are made from 100% recycled  plastic, are printed using eco inks and are 100% recyclable.