Period Dignity For Women & Young Girls


(Woman and young girl in Kiswahili)

The effects of period poverty affect not only women and girls' hygiene, health, and overall well-being but also their ability to attend school or work. Managing menstruation with dignity has become a daily struggle, particularly for women and girls in low-income households. In Africa, where essentials like food, shelter, and healthcare often take precedence, menstrual products are frequently seen as non-essential, resulting in inadequate funding for their purchase.

We decided that washable sanitary pads were the most practical contribution, using our fabrics, local resources, and expertise. Previously, all our fabric waste went to a local upholsterer for furniture and upholstery filling. We now upcycle all the waste from our production—fabric hangers, strike-offs, and bulk swatches—into washable sanitary pads. Pieces too small for pads (less than A4 size) continue to support the local upholsterer and are delighted to have successfully developed a sustainable circularity framework that we hope to expand in the future.

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In Kenya, the cheapest retail pack of sanitary pads costs KES 60 (approximately USD 0.36) for 8 pads, insufficient for more than 2 days of menstruation. Underserved populations on average earn KES 500 (USD 3.70) a day in urban areas and sometimes as low as KES 200 (USD 1.48) in rural areas, making the cost for buying pads prohibitive.

Our washable/reusable sanitary pads, which are long-lasting and reduce menstrual waste—vital in areas with limited waste management—are a circular, sustainable, and are an economical solution.

We distribute the pads for free, providing each recipient with a starter pack that includes a minimum of 5 pads, a storage bag, detergent soap, and usage and washing instructions. We are committed to further developing the product to enhance absorbency and introduce larger sizes by the end of August 2024.


To effectively support our distribution efforts, we've partnered with a local social worker Agnes Hika, who champions menstrual health and menstrual product access. Our joint efforts focus on:

Education: Educational workshops on reproductive health for both women and men, fostering community support.

Counseling: Offering counseling for the women and girls facing psychological challenges and ill health linked to menstruation.

Health Services: Helping connect the women with specialist services for menstrual health conditions.

Sustainability Efforts: Ensuring an ongoing, eco-friendly supply of menstrual hygiene products.

Cultural Acceptance: Breaking down menstrual stigma through active engagement with community men and boys.


In Africa's embrace, where daylight graces the land,
Stand women—mighty peaks of resolve, life's demands.
Communities live in their steadfast shade,
With burdens and resilience displayed.

Each step holds a tale of bravery bold,
Their faces show hardships untold.
Pillars of fortitude, life's harmonious refrain,
They are the song amid the strain.

Their pulse empowers the communal weave,
As silent mountains that never leave.
Their vigor shines through the night's shroud,
Leading to hope, making us proud.

These peaks of spirit, so noble and grand,
Hold the world's awe in the palm of their hand.


We create meanigful products
with the highest respect for
humans and nature

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