We commit to; Providing safe working conditions, Respecting workers cultures and beliefs, Respecting labour laws, Respecting human rights, Supporting the local Community

We ensure all unbranded fibres are traceable and we use monitoring tools to verify that the fibres have been sourced responsibly.

Hand crafted by skilled artisans using locally sourced materials. We love that no products are identical and are imperfectly perfect!
Organic cotton uses an average of 70% less water and no pesticides. This makes it better for the planet and a lot safer for the farmers
The buttons on this garment are from the tagua nut, which fall naturally and need no cultivation or harvesting. Hundreds of nuts grow each year making this a super renewable resource
We have used recycled interlining and sewing threads on this product to avoid using virgin petroleum based components in our garments and accessories
All the dyes and chemicals used in this fabric are non-carcinogenic, do not contaminate waterways and are environmentally friendly. All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX100 compliant
This jewelry is made from old brass taps, padlocks and plumbing pipes etc. which are recycled by local artisans into new products. A great way to give waste brass a new lease of life
Artisan’s make up a large proportion of the informal sector in Africa and is a primary income source for many families. Our 100% Initiative benefits the artisans directly by providing them with sustainable incomes which help improve their quality of lives
The mill that produces this fabric uses advanced technology to reduce water usage by 30% as well as recycling their waste water
100% of net profits of all artisan-made product is used to support and help them grow and develop a product-to-market ecosystem that provides regular incomes
This garment is made using clean renewable energy! Our Kenyan manufacturing partner is powered solely by hydro and thermal energy
We expect all our suppy chain partners to dispose their waste off responsibly, no untreated waste should end up in water ways or landfill sites.

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