Iveti Long Belted Grey & White Cardigan In Responsible Wool & Organic Cotton

It is all about versatility with our jacquard coatigan !. Wear it layered for extra warmth on chilly days, lightly layered for mild days, or even better, wear it on your next flight for comfort and a little bit of luxury. The Iveti comes with a belt for added versatility and is carefully crafted on a jacquard machine and takes approximately 6 hours to complete.

Made using a blend of responsibly sourced virgin wool, accredited by the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and Organic Cotton accredited by Organic Content/Blended Standard. Interesting facts; High standards for animal welfare and land management Strict and transparent chain of custody No genetically modified seeds used Uses less water than conventional cotton No pesticides or toxic chemicals used Iveti is a glorious hill in Machakos Kenya surrounded by a rich cover of beautiful cedar and pine trees.
We want your clothes to last a long time and still look good in years to come. We, strongly recommend hand washing or a very gentle cycle in a washing machine using a mesh wash bag to protect it from excessive abrasion and distortion in the washing machine. Start by turning the item inside out, use an eco detergent and wash cold with minimal agitation (that is the double bar under the tub) low-temperature cycle. Do not spin or tumble dry but squeeze the excess water by wrapping the garment in a towel. Reshape before drying flat on a drying rack.
Nisrine is 5ft9" wearing a size Small (UK). See our size guide for equivalent sizing in your region


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