Rethinking Fashion: Why Fast Isn’t Always Better

When Did Clothes Go From Durable to Disposable?

Fast fashion has taken over, but it's doing more harm than good. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the average lifespan of clothing has dropped by 36% compared to 15-20 years ago. Every second, a truckload of clothes is burned or buried in a landfill. Today, only 4% of UK consumers buy exclusively from sustainable brands.

Slowly but surely, the world is waking up. Consumers are realizing the human and environmental costs of their choices. From fair wages to the impacts of climate change, people are demanding more. But are brands ready to answer?

What is Fast Fashion and Why is it a Problem?

Fast fashion emerged in the 1990s, aiming to bring designs from the catwalk to the store in just 15 days. Now, it's evolved into ultra-fast fashion, with brands churning out new styles at lightning speed and cheap prices. This fuels our addiction to overconsumption.

But selling cheap clothes comes at a high cost. Workers are exploited, underpaid, and sometimes harmed. Thankfully, we are all becoming more aware of these issues, but the temptation of a new outfit every weekend makes change challenging… for some!

Let’s Make Our Clothes Last

“If you try to create something people enjoy, and it happens to be made in a responsible way, then that's when you can really strike an incredible balance.” - Stella McCartney

At In Our Name, we believe in long-term relationships with our clothes. Fast fashion's biggest issue is its lack of durability. Cheap production methods result in clothes that don't last, and once they fail, they end up in the bin.

Every second, a bin-lorry full of textiles is burned or sent to landfill. Less than 1% of clothing material is recycled into new clothing, meaning 99% of textiles are wasted annually—about $100 billion worth.

Buy Less, More Carefully, and Feel Good

This isn't a doomsday warning; it's a celebration of choice. We can choose how we buy, view, and consume. Clothes aren't everything, but the perfect outfit can bring joy to your day.

We stand for contemporary affordable luxury, vibrant sustainable fabrics, and timeless style. We reject fast fashion, irresponsible manufacturing, and exploitative supply chains. The only way to bring lasting change is to commit to it.

How Can We Change?

By choosing brands that share the authentic magic behind their creations! Look for those that reveal where and how their pieces are made, the ethical practices they follow, the chemicals they use, and how they treat the incredible people crafting your clothes.

Join us in the slow fashion revolution. Choose sustainably and be part of the change.

Look Good and Do Good!

June 2024