Funzi Black and Natural Long Double Strap Basket

LIMITED EDITION 1/1. The Funzi with its generous proportions and two mid-length brown leather straps is perfect for carrying more than just your phone and purse! The bag is handmade by women artisan groups using traditional weaving methods passed on through the generations. Each basket is unique in colour and pattern and will vary slightly in shape and size. No two baskets are ever the same. Total strap length 46cm. Strap width 2cm. Bag width at top 43cm depth 30cm.

Sisal is a great renewable resource as well as being biodegradable. It grows effortlessly in semi arid areas in Kitui Kenya and cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The leather straps are a by-product of the food industry and are tanned and treated locally. Your bag will arrive flat, follow the care instructions to recover the shape. This item contributes directly to our 100% Initiative, read more about it in our impact section.
Sisal doesn't like water, so avoid getting your bag wet. Clean using a damp damp cloth without too much rubbing and dry in a warm area (not in direct sunlight). If your bag is misshapen, simply give it a light water spray both on the inside and outside (do not saturate) and place crumpled newspapers inside, reshape and allow to dry naturally.


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